Deck Refinishing in Edmonton, Alberta

Deck Refinishing in Edmonton, Alberta

Mar 24 - 2021 By Painter Dan

Deck Refinishing

It's that time of year again. The weather outside is warming up. The grass is turning green, the birds and bees are buzzing. The longing to be outside has finally come to an end. After a harsh long winter, made especially difficult this year, it is time to get outside and enjoy your yard and deck again. Get ready for entertaining friends, BBQ's and long nights.

But uh-oh the deck looks unsightly, peeling, dry rot, molds and mildews are developing. The fence is in no better condition. The winter has been harsh on your exterior painted surfaces, and years of neglect are setting in. How can you entertain your friends and family on a deck they'll likely get slivers from? It's going to take hours of work in the back yard to get it ready for summer, gardening and grass cutting and now deck refinishing on top of working forty hours in the week. All you want to do is relax.

Well take it easy and give the best painters in Edmonton a call. Your Edmonton Painters, Doucet & Co. are Edmonton's professional choice when it comes to deck and fence staining and refinishing.

Your Edmonton Painters, Doucet & Co. take the stress out of painting, so you can relax on your days off.

Let Your Edmonton Painters, Doucet & Co. come out and provide you with a professional painting estimate for your painting project. We will evaluate your project, whether it be a deck , fence, or say spraying a coat of paint on some siding. Either way we will then walk you through all the steps we will take to ensure your exterior painting project will last.

When refinishing a deck Your Edmonton Painters, Doucet & Co. will establish whether to strip the deck, or whether the deck is in such a condition it just needs a cleaning and a recoat.

When stripping the deck, we will often use a combination of chemicals and mechanical strippers. The stripping agents we use are always environmentally friendly and completely break down within 28 days. Chemically stripping decks usually involves a stripping, cleaning and brightening agent. When the deck has been completely stripped Your Edmonton Painters, Doucet & Co. will then begin sanding , and this usually involves three or four different levels of grit, and several power sanding devices. We want your stained wood to last, therefore we will use the best paints and stains, ensuring professional quality results. Our clients are always telling us that Your Edmonton Painters, Doucet & Co. are the best painters in Edmonton, and most other painters have failed to do a stain coat on their decks that last.

The end results of our painting projects are always quite nice, but the joy I get from my clients when I return their decks to them is just great. Now they will have a deck that looks beautiful, easy to maintain and lasts. Your Edmonton Painters, Doucet & Co. take the time to ensure a professional quality paint jobs, we educate our clients and we honestly have a passion for being paint contractors.

So, when calling painting businesses in Edmonton, consider Your Edmonton Painters, Doucet & Co. "Our Passion ; Your Satisfaction"

Deck Refinishing Deck Refinishing