Why Hiring a Professional Paint Contractor is a Smart Choice.

Why Hiring a Professional Paint Contractor is a Smart Choice.

Dec 18 - 2014 By Painter Dan

Is it a smart investment to hire a painting company for your painting solutions?

A couple of things to consider when beginning any paint project is the size and scope of the project, also materials and equipment that will be involved.

The fact of the matter is, if you were going to take the painting project on your self, you would have to factor in expenses such as materials and equipment rental. Not to mention you would also want to factor in the value of your time. True hiring a professional painting business will cost more money, but the peace of mind that comes from hiring the right painting professional is invaluable. We all know running a painting business costs money. There are tools to buy, licenses to upkeep, insurance costs, advertising, and lets not forget everyone would like to see a little bit of profit in the end.

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Is the expense of hiring a professional painting company worth it?

Something to consider is that any quality painting company, should have the professional know how to be able to inform their clients of any potential risks and hazard as well as to any issues that would take more time to correct, before the painting project even begins. If you were to take the painting project on your own, there often is a lot of learning by mistake, or learning as you go. This costs you time and in a lot of cases more money. A professional painting contractor should have the experience to handle the project from beginning to end. A pro painters application techniques, should be able to assist them in getting the painting job done more efficiently and to a higher quality finish than the average homeowner.

Any painter worth his weight should have the right tools and equipment to complete most painting projects. Also with his/her years of painting experience, they will have educated themselves as to the proper paint products to use, and where to use them. This knowledge is invaluable when it comes to creating a quality long lasting finish for your paint project. Homeowners will often opt out and try to save a few dollars and be swayed into choosing inferior paint products and tools. This option usually leads to frustration and added expense in the future, other times it will lead to a project left uncompleted or done less than perfect.

Painting Expenses

To run a professional painting business costs money. For any particular painting project the cost of paint materials and soft supplies alone can equal a staggering thirty percent of the total budget. Any estimate for painting will include all costs for paint and materials as well as to the cost of labour. Some of the more basic painting supplies used on a paint project are:

  • Sanding sponges and discs
  • drywall mud
  • glazing and caulk
  • poly, painters tape, paper
  • paints and primers
  • sleeves, sponges, and brushes

Some other expenses a professional painting company will have are:

  • Insurance and workers comp. These are quite expensive to the painting business, but they will save the homeowner grief and thousands of dollars in the long run if there ever happened to be any type of mishap on the painting project.
  • Safety Tickets and certifications, can cost a small business hundreds if not thousands of dollars.
  • Business licensing and registration, are another type of added expense but they add to a painting business's legitimacy
  • Maintenance of equipment and company vehicle as well as fuel and travel expenses
  • And then there's the labour, taxes and book keeping expense.

Hopefully after all those expenses there is a little profit for the painting contractor at the end of the project. However the profit margins on most painting projects are so tight, due to all the competition out there, it should really only make up a small percentage of the total over all price of the painting contract.

Experience is key to a quality finish for your painting project

Knowing some of the costs associated to running a professional painting business puts you on the right path to creating your own beautiful living space. Hopefully now you will be more confident in choosing the right painting contractor, that can offer you peace of mind solutions to your painting needs.